Frequently Asked Qustions

Our t-shirts are designed in a Slim Fit for a cool appearance and proper fit. If you prefer a more comfortable fit, we recommend ordering one size up.

All BonGanze T-Shirts are made from 95% pure Cotton with 5% Spandex (Lycra fabric) with 160 GSM Fabric and undergo SILICONE FINISH treatment and BIO-WASHED for enhanced durability and COLOUR FASTNESS TREATMENT to ensure long-lasting colour retention and a superior look and feel.

BonGanze T-Shirt can be washed in the washing machine using delicate and cold water settings. Turn your t-shirt inside out before placing it into the washing machine, and use gentle washing with Ezee or 1 Rs. Clinic Plus Shampoo for better Results. Don’t Use DETERGENT.

Wash in cold (30°C or below) water, whether using a washing machine or washing by hand and use gentle washing with Ezee or 1Rs. Clinic Plus shampoo for better Results. Ezee or shampoo, liquid detergent with a zero-soda formula that cleans gently without fabric damage. Don’t Use DETERGENT. Because detergent with soda formula causes FABRIC DAMAGE. Give garments a gentle stretch when they come out of the wash to get them back into shape. Always air dry: dry clothes flat and out of the SUN if possible.

  • T-Shirt Specification

95% Pure Cotton with 5% Lycra Fabric|160 GSM Fabric T-Shirt|BIO-Wash |Silicone Treatment

All BonGanze t-shirts are made from 95% pure Cotton with 5% Lycra Fabric (Spandex) for better comfort and undergo SILICONE FINISH and BIO-Washed treatment for enhanced durability. All our products are to ensure COLOUR FASTNESS treatment for long-lasting colour retention and a superior look and feel. Stay comfortable all day with our T-Shirt.


  • Conceptual Uniquely- Designed Collection

Explore an extensive range of customizable conceptual Uniquely-Designed Collections and wear your style wherever you go! The Brands and the Unique Concept that Empowers people to share their thoughts and opinion and help people Feel Good and Look Good

  • Print Quality of BonGanze T-Shirt

Direct-to-garment printing (DTG) is a process of printing a T-Shirt using specialized aqueous inkjet technology. Since this is a digital process the print is sharper and has a higher resolution, or DPI, than traditional printing methods such as screen printing.


  • You Can Personalize your T-shirt & Print


  • Welcome folks, It’s our “customized” section. BonGanze provides its customers with a unique deal. Now, you can customize your t-shirt. Give us any Custom Design or ready Design, Pictures or whatever you want, we will print it on your t-shirt. We won’t let you regret trusting us.


  • Hey, do you have any Ideas, Thoughts, or Quotations but don’t know how to shape them on T-shirt? Don’t worry, BonGanze has Brilliant Designers who will give your idea a proper form and shape. We will design and won’t take a single penny – It’s FREE. It’s on us. We will show you a demo of our design. If you like it then we will print it on your preferred T-shirt. We shall never let you down – that’s our guarantee.

We are an experiential brand aiming to develop and foster a platform for thought-sharing, ideas, stories, and social interactions.

Switch to BonGanze and experience the comfort of premium quality craftsmanship paired with fashionably creative designs.

We have a Very Clear policy in terms of Returns, Exchanges and Refunds.

  1. Refund only when the courier didn’t reach to Customer and the product is damaged.
  2. Always take a video while opening the parcel. Which will be considered as proof.
  3. Claim your return within 7 days of receiving the parcel.
    4. Exchange only in size issues and Quality issues within 4 days.
    5. Refund will be credited after we receive the product back in genuine Condition and the same Condition.
    6. Refund will be initiated only when the product is not used.
    7. Refund process will take 24-48 hours.
    8. Customer has to bear Courier charge for returning the product in some Condition.

We understand our policies are strict. We have faced multiple fraudulent activities from customers’ priority. We will try to provide you best service and easy returns to enhance your experience.

Email –

You can submit a request within 1-2 Days after receiving our T-Shirt to our WhatsApp Number 9875399601, and our team will assist you accordingly. In most cases, if our service is available in the changed location, then your issue will be resolved.

No, there is no Cash on Delivery option available on our website.

Every area shows different delivery times. However, we suggest adding your location. You can see the expected delivery time, once you place the order. Usually, it takes a maximum of 7 days to dispatch your product except on holidays.

You need to open your dashboard in the portal, after logging in. Then open the ‘my order’ page. You will find all the orders there. You can check all the order details like status and the estimated time of arrival.

BonGanze T-Shirts are Body-Hugging or Slim Fit Round-Neck T-Shirts. Due to spandex, Style Fits in perfectly to body size. If you want to carry a comfortable Fit T-Shirt, then order Your next Size T-Shirt.

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