Our Story

“The idea of Bonganze was born when I was grinding through a monotonous job while yearning to do something of my own. I have always wanted a channel to voice out my opinion and create something that I truly believe in. Right from its inception, Bonganze reflects the same thoughts of standing out and voicing people’s thoughts, opinions and stories…” – Bidhan Dutta,Bonganze

“We always wanted to foster an environment of growth and creativity. Bonganze is that motivation that helped us stay strong and perseverant in the journey to create something meaningful. We have come a long way from the initial idea and have learnt a lot from our experience. We hope to become the face of new-age eccentric Bengalis who love to stay stylish…” – Pipasa Dutta, Owner, Bonganze

Our Mission

To establish ourselves as a lifestyle brand that empowers the youth to wear their opinions and slay it with their style.

Our Vision

To connect opinions with emotions and become a medium to help people share their thoughts, creativity, and stories. We want to build a community of quirky, eccentric bongs who love to wear their personality proudly.

BonGanze Family


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